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System characteristics

The I, IR range are close-coupled gear pumps (rotary pumps). The Pump casing has suction and delivery connections with the same diameter and on the same axis for in-line execution.

The flanged pump casing and two piece shaft allows the hydraulics to be
disassembled easier, facilitating quick maintenance operations.


The I, IR range is suitable for fuel oil and liquids with lubricating properties.

Technical Data

Kinematic viscosity from 30 mm2/s (4°E) to 120 mm2/s (15°E).
Liquid temperature up to 90 °C.
Ambient temperature up to 40 °C.
Total suction lift up to 4 m.
Continuous duty.


Pump casing: Cast iron GJL 200 EN 1561
Gears: Steel 18 Ni Cr Mo 5 UNI 8550
Shafts: Steel 18 Ni Cr Mo 5 UNI 8550
Radial shaft seal ring: FPM

Gear (Positive Displacement) Pump

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