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System characteristics

The Fairbanks Nijhuis split case pump is the right choice for a wide range of applications with medium to high flow rates. The optimized design of the split case pump ensures high efficiency and durability.

The environmental-friendly split case pump has low maintenance requirements and can be produced in a number of materials according to the specific application requirements. Split case pumps are available for a wide range of flow rates and pressure heads. Available in horizontal and vertical execution and one or two-stage.


• Potable water
• Cooling water
• Air conditioning
• Shipbuilding
• Irrigation
• Drainage
• Desalination
• Fire fighting systems

Technical Data


Maximum Capacity: 13,000 m3/hr

Maximum Delivery Head: 250 m

Performance Data

For performance data and pump curves please contact us.

Horizontal Split Case Pump according to En 733 (Din 2455)

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