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Calpeda Pumps

Calpeda Pumps are a leading Italian brand that manufacture a wide range of products. They offer pumps to suit domestic, industrial, civil, and agricultural needs. We focus on offering their peripheral and gear pump range, to find our more about their offering visit their website.

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These are close-coupled peripheral pumps (regenerative pumps) with turbine impeller. This version is supplied with pump casing and lanter bracket in cast iron.

They are used for clean liquids without abrasives, without suspended solids, non-explosive, and general non-aggressive liquids for the pump materials. They are used to increase network pressure and are well suited to cooling and air-conditioning machines and equipments, circulation, and boiler feed systems.

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These are close-coupled gear (rotary) pumps (regenerative pumps). Pump casing with suction and delivery connections with the same diameter and on the same axis (in-line execution). The flanged pump casing and two piece shaft allows the hydraulics to be
disassembled easier, facilitating quick maintenance operations.

They are used for fuel oil and liquids with lubricating properties

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