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Our Speciality Ranges 

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Curo pumps are a South African based company established in 1980. Curo Pumps has an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement. All their operational systems are aligned to local SABS and international ISO 9001:200 criteria. We offer the full range of Curo products, to find out more about this company visit their website.

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Cochrane Pump Zimbabwe, manufacture and market pumps in Zimbabwe and surrounding territories. We manufactured the Stork range of centrifugal pumps. We are the sole distributor for the entire range of Johnson pumps. Cochrane Pump Zimbabwe has in its range centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps, flexible impeller pumps, sump pumps, vortex flow pumps, self priming pumps, bilge pumps, and marine engine cooling pumps.

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Verder pumps is a company established in Belgium in 1959. Since then it has expanded across the globe to Germany, France, Austria,the UK, the USA, Japan, China, India and South Africa. Verder has a number of brands which they promote, namely VerderFlex, VerderAir, VerderDos, VerderPro, VerderHus, VerderMix, VerderMag, VerderGear and PackoPumps. Here at Cochrane Pumps we prioritise the VerderFlex Range of peristaltic positive displacement pumps and the VerderGear gear pumps.


Fairbank Nijhuis is based primarily out of Kansas City, USA and Winterswijk, The Netherlands. They have a wide variety of pumps and controls will serve multiple markets including Water Supply, Sewage Handling, Flood Control, Power Generation, Desalination, Agricultural Irrigation, and Fire Protection. We focus on the range of horizontally split case pumps, to find out more about their range visit their website.

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Calpeda Pumps are a leading Italian brand that manufacture a wide range of products. They offer pumps to suit domestic, industrial, civil, and agricultural needs. We focus on offering their peripheral and gear pump range, to find our more about their offering visit their website.

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Seoca is a company based in Guangzhou, China and have been in the water industry for over 50 years. They offer a range of pumps including ground water pumps, vertical turbine pumps, submersible pumps, as well as fire fighting systems. We focus on supply the VMS range which are vertical multistage pumps, to find out more on their range visit their website.


Pump Types

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pump componants

Pump Components

We sell direct to end users, agents, statutory organizations, government municipalities, consultants, designers and traders.

Pump components are manufactured and assembled into whole pumps, these are for resale into the following markets:

  • Agriculture and Horticulture

  • Mining

  • Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Food processing

  • Pulp and paper

  • Manufacturing and Processing

  • Utilities and Building Services

  • Marine

  • Municipalities

  • Water Treatment Works

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

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The company sub-contracts local foundries to produce our cast iron and bronze castings. These are then machined by our sister company Cochrane Engineering. Finished machined components are put into stock and, using serial manufacturing at our Willowvale factory, assembled into bareshaft pumps and pump sets. Over 70 pump sizes and types are produced locally.

Imported goods

Whilst primarily being an Import Substitution Company, we do import stainless steel shafting and bearings for our local production. We also import specialized bareshaft pumps, switch gear and electronic motors for specific projects.



We carry in stock a full range of spares, components for the pumps sold subject to prior sale and availability of currency.

All our products are warranted for twenty four months and we provide a comprehensive technical back-up, repair, training facilities and training courses on the selection, operation, maintenance and trouble shooting for products through our professional and technical staff. Cochrane Pumps Zimbabwe has its own pump test bed facility which has a restricted capacity.


About us 

Cochrane Pumps Zimbabwe provide a wide range of pumping products for your specific needs. Whether it be for anything from irrigation to mining we supply, install and maintain your pumps to your particular requirements.With over 35 years experience serving the Zimbabwe market, we are able to provide high quality, cost effective products and services. We operate in an environment of precision and efficiency that allows you, our clientele total peace of mind in our exceptionally high standards. As a division of the Cochrane Group, Cochrane Pump Zimbabwe is very proud of our affiliates and we are looking forward to assisting you with your specific pumping requirements.


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